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Who’s ready to take some AWESOME pictures??

I always used to wonder how everyone gets such beautiful pictures! Like they must have this fancy smancy camera that costs an arm and two legs…

NOPE! You can use your Iphone to take some stunning pics!


Here’s what I do!

  1. Lighting. Lighting is the farmost important element. I like to use natural light when I can. Indoor lighting is always off. Its a mix of yellows and whites. Not cool. Today I took my mini photoshoot to my back yard for a little fun!
  2. Background. This is almost as important as your lighting! Keep it clutter free. Keep it simple and bright! Check out what I did for this photo shoot. I went to Home Depot  and bought the samples for their laminate counters/flooring. And WOW does this look impressive! I think I paid $0.90 for this one… Like how is that not worth it?? 
  3. Set up. Obviously this is important too. You want it to be appealing to look at. Keep all angles going different directions. Add different elements of sleek lines and natural elements (plus I have a succulent addiction). I run a gold mine of a business with a company called It Works! So I had to add my favorite botanical based, fat shrinking wrap into this photoshoot!!!
  4. Iphone Time. Now this is where we get to the good stuff. Think about what the most important element is in your set up. The one thing you really want to focus on. Tap your screen with your finger on that item to focus on it! WOAH that was easy! It’ll automatically brighten it up a bit, and sharpen your image! Now your ready to take your picture!
  5. Editing. Since I like to do everything on my phone, I use an app called PicTapGo. I think I paid somewhere around $1.99 for this one. But it’s totally worth it since I use it daily. I focus on the filters called Crispity, Contrast, Highlights, and well that’s mostly it. 


It’s that easy… Just remember…LIGHTING, LIGHTING, LIGHTING! The best is natural light, and you should be golden! It’s as easy as it looks. Let me know how it works for you! Love to hear from ya!


If you’re looking for more info on how you can be a part of my Gold Mine of a business, lets chat! It’s fun to work from your phone! 

Keep posted for more on that body wrap that shrinks fat naturally! OR click HERE 🙂

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